Positive Thinking ~ How It Improves Your Overall Life

Positive Thinking ~ How It Improves Your Overall Life

Living Positively

Some people just seemed to be optimistic no matter what, the question’s arise are some people just born living positively? Or is it their CHOICE?

Living positivelyultimately is a daily conscious choice we make. Those who choose to live positively like leaders we admire, they do not wake up and suddenly find themselves leaders one day – they are made moment-by-moment, day-by-day. So to with living positively, as we go through life the choices & decisions we make, they ultimately shape our attitude.We can obviously CHOOSE whether to live positively or not.

Negative Cycle to a Positive Cycle

Negativity begets negative beliefs that lead to negative expectations followed of course by negative behavior thus producing a negative result which in turn reinforces the original negative belief and increases negative expectations and so on and so the cycle goes!


Positivity on the other hand similarly perpetuates a positive cycle in the same way. The good news is you can start to change anywhere on this cycle as it will lead to an ongoing outcome of positive thinking.

Create positive habits, which lead to positive beliefs that encourage positive expectations causing you to behave in a positive way creating positive results and therefore reinforcing positive beliefs. How groovy is that, just decide which merry-go-round you want your life to be and of you go to a new life filled with positivity!

It takes time to change and as anyone who masters a gift training and ongoing motivation is needed.

We hear so much about being positive and we may think its just fluff nothing of substance because life is…. unpredictable, difficult and so on, is it? Science and research is starting to reveal there is much more to positive thinking other than being that glass half full gal or the guy who has a feel good attitude.

Thinking positively can impact your life in all areas of work, health and adds value to your life.

We need negative emotions to protect us don’t get me wrong, flight or flight responses of survival are necessary to navigate life but it is a momentary state we many need to be in. Sometimes when in trauma we shut down or become paralyzed to action, but we don’t want to stay in that state for too long as the implications on our health and wellbeing can become devastating.

Positive thoughts on the other hand are known to create the idea of possibilities infinite options and naturally motivate us to action. This is a good thing as when we are motivated we develop thus adding to our skill base to draw from at other times in our lives.

This makes a lot of sense as we will be more social, more willing to take risks, eager to try new things whereas if we are in the paralyzed state of being we find ourselves shutting down and this can lead to further losses that compound our mindset.

How can we develop Positive Thinking?

  • PLAY

One thing I love to do is to spend time with young children or puppies. They ooze happy playful way of being, hearing the giggle of a baby or the squeal of excitement a toddler lets out is infectious. When did we forget to play? When children play it is a natural process of growing of learning of creating. Why it makes sense that if we want to create positive thinking, we want to grow and develop a natural pattern of positive thinking we can organically do this through play! So let your hair down and put the concerns of life aside and enjoy activities that involve playing, keep that inner child nurtured with adventure, the excitement of discovering something new.


How often do we worry what others think of us, are we good enough, do they like us? Why do we place more importance on which we want others to think we are than our own opinion of ourselves, rather than identify with others opinions spend time become aware of you and never compare yourself to others. Believe in yourself and be the best you that you want to be.

You are not a label, your career, your emotions, feelings, circumstances or even your mind. Even scientists still are baffled by the wonderment of what makes as all individually YOU. We are powerful, important and wondrous so be the best you for you and no one else!


Life is here to be lived, we don’t get infinent time so why not live in the moment, make bold and courageous choices. Dive in to the deep end and make choices that will give you a life well lived its your life, your choice and only you hold that power on how you choose to live it. Don’t focus on what you don’t have but rather find gratitude for what you do and seek what you want without fear or negative self talk but live with positive thinking and manifest a life of wonder a life well lived, you deserve it.


You were born enough, you were created enough it is only as we live life we attach labels to ourselves, blind ourselves to who we were born to be, you have all that is needed to be loved, fulfilled, happy and complete. Just be yourself and love that unique self and all you are. You are all that you needed to be as you were that time you took your first breath so believe you are beautiful you are special and you are a blessing, remind yourself so you believe this.

I find joy in giving; show others that side of you that makes us human, caring, loving beings. We can volunteer, just smile as we pass others, pay it forward for no reason, compliment others, assist others randomly and see the joy that is infectious and how love abounds.


I know, I know I went on a feel good rant but this is true, I understand life comes with difficulties but guess what even if we cannot control others actions we can control our REACTIONS.
Only we can control our inner world our thoughts which in turn will change our outer world as we hold the power to what effect we will let this have on us.

You hold the power, you control your thoughts, your choices, your life always remember that and believe it and watch how your ability to remain a positive thinker will be a natural occurrence. This journey of life is up to you each day is a new day to create new memories and decide what direction you will take.

Final Thoughts …

My life experience has shown me that every moment positive or negative is a gift. To create a positive life we need to acknowledge this and find what that gift/lesson is that we are to take from that event/moment.

I faced a death scenario and that is when this idea of turning a negative into a positive really became real for me. Death/Change can be a loss of something, a job, time, opportunity, money divorce, or the loss of a loved one. When death and change happens, we have to embrace reality, pick ourselves up and handle it to the best of our abilities. I discovered that this is an opportunity to gain different lessons due to our own stories/situation, for me I survived and this profoundly changed my life/direction and made me re-evaluate my values.

This profound realization could be a lesson to:

  • Spend more time with your family
  • Change your career
  • Give people more respect
  • Appreciate time differently
  • Life can change quickly and that you should go after your dream’s
  • Embracelife and change with grace

Next time you perceive that something crappy is happening to you, instead of reacting with anger and frustration, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is the gift in this situation?
  • What did I learn from it?
  • So what? What can you do now?
  • It’s already happened how can I just accept it and move forward positively?

Life is a gift and only you can decide what to do with that gift, choose wisely and live a life driven by positive thinking.

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