Vision Statement

Through storytelling champion change for personal growth.

Mission statement

Standing in integrity facilitate a platform to grow and build resilience in the face of crisis and change.

Company values

  • Be engaging and true
  • Challenge ambiguity as the facilitation of growth
  • Empower others to embrace change

Dianne a sunny sandgroper, is a West Australian who spent her childhood moving around the state from the stunning beaches of Safety Bay to the harsh red dirt of the Pilbara.

Navigating a less than healthy childhood as the eldest child, Dianne had to master life in a home with Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. Feeling compelled to be the caregiver as the big sister trauma, and crisis became a way of existence for Dianne and her siblings.

Finding love and marriage Dianne moved to the US in her early twenties. This was where she and her husband started their family in the United States. Whilst Dianne enjoyed living there over time Dianne missed the sunny beaches and carefree lifestyle of Australia.

Adapting with her American husband and three small children back in Western Australia was not easy. In time Dianne found herself in a situation where her youngest child became the victim of a horrendous crime inflicted by her father at fifteen months of age.  Dianne became headline news, overwhelmed and frightened after this trauma Dianne picked up her three small children and fled to find a new life in Sydney.

This was not to be the end of Dianne’s journey with domestic violence as she remarried and found herself once again in a life-threatening situation, after a lifetime of violence at the hands of her father and two husbands Dianne decided to take control and turn her life around. Once again Dianne found herself a single mother of four.

Not disparaged and with renewed vigor Dianne put herself through university and finally felt empowered for the first time in her life with a promising future. Life was finally where she had envisioned developing a good career, strong and independent. As if sneaking up on her nine years later, her domestic violence from her previous marriage came full circle and reared its ugly head and was silently taking her health. Death came crashing on her door and tried to take her life, fighting Dianne survived the final stages of HIV as it had become AIDS-defining illnesses.

Again Dianne had to dig deep to find her resilience and reinvented herself through her journey of recovery. Now was the time for her to find her voice as a woman who survived child abuse, domestic violence and facing death in the form of AIDS. Storytelling became her passion as she aimed to speak for women who had been disempowered and voiceless.

Dianne had forged a career as a woman who worked with women in crisis facing domestic violence before she found herself being the one facing her own crisis that was to be her greatest challenge yet.

Claiming they raise them tough in the outback Dianne wants to share her experience to show how we all can become unstoppable and challenge the stigma attached to DV, Child Abuse, and HIV. Dianne wants to walk you on a path that dives into the concept of embracing change and taking control when you feel there is none.

Women will be able to relate to Dianne and her challenges that seemed to never end. As a single mother a woman fighting the demons of her childhood, a woman seeking equality through education that was denied, battling Domestic Violence, Sexual Assaults and navigating betrayal that led to her HIV diagnosis. Dianne will inspire you, make you laugh and feel a sense of being held with her caring nature and bright view of life.