Redfern Health Centre – Let’s Go Hetro, Workforce Development Day

27 Nov, 2012

Australian born and outback raised, Dianne developed a you can do it & real survivor type of life. After conflict with her partner, she decided this wasn’t going to break her. With her 4 children she went on to Uni and got a degree in social science.

One day at work she seized and awoke in ER confused and dazed, a doctor came in to tell her the bad news she was HIV positive for 9-10 years. 12 Months on, she is a whole lot better and has decided to turn these negative stigmas into positive ones.

I’m happy to be your voice, no matter what the circumstances or how they were infected… just like any of us in here… wonderful, lovely people and they are so grateful for what the medical & science have done for us

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