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    Today’s talk was really fabulous, Dianne is such a powerful advocate for positive woman, well for all women really – role modeling how to speak out, be brave & shine on regardless of anything! And, she is always warm & radiant.

    Thank you.


    Bronwyn Leece

    Senior Health Promotion Officer
    Sexual Health Promotion & Youth Health, NBMLHD

    Dianne has given many talks with us and every single time she brings a fresh aspect, a fresh insight, a new revelation.


    A courageous and generous woman, Dianne gives freely of herself – sharing her inspiring journey with all she meets and always in a way that resonates with her audience. Dianne’s is a profoundly human story of resilience and self-determination – a story for absolutely anyone searching for inspiration and ‘the authentic self’.

    Scott Lockhart

    Scott Lockhart

    Health Promotion Officer (Sexual Health)

    I am in awe of Dianne Nyoni. The trials she has encountered, almost losing her life more than once – but she just pulls herself together, dusts herself off and gets back to doing what she can for others. A champion advocate for Domestic Violence, People Living with HIV, Women and Social Justice – Dianne is unstoppable. Her passion influences all levels; from grassroots – working with and advocating for clients, all the way to the top – driving policy change within non-profits, NGO’s, local, state and federal governments. Her experiences, both personal and through her work is invaluable information which she can then share in her speaking engagements. She is engaging, her stories are from the heart and above all she sends a positive message of how one can triumph in spite of adversity. I admire her strength, courage, determination and ethics – you can’t keep a good woman down!


    Lara Kruizinga

    Volunteer – State and National HIV Sector

    I engaged Dianne as guest speaker at a special report back for African community leaders, on the 2014 International AIDS Conference. Dianne spoke from the heart about deeply personal matters, while at the same time skilfully placing her experiences in a broader social and global context. Dianne’s generosity and honesty had a huge impact on participants and helped us meet our goals of informing communities about HIV and challenging stigma.


    Jill Sergeant

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